Bossy: 9

Bratty: 7

Friendly: 2

Smelly: 8

Sweaty: 6

Dirty: 7

Foot odor

Fishy: 40%

Cheesy: 5%

Lemony: 35%

Meaty: 20%

Name/Surname: Takako Yuki

  • Age: 20 y/o

  • Hair: Black

  • Eyes: Brown

  • Height: 5'1"ft

  • Weight: 114lb

  • Blood Type: A

  • Shoe Size: 5.5(US)

ZBZ Position: Standards

Type: Tough Love

Typical Shoewear: Doc Martens/Haruta Loafers/Buffalo Platform Sneakers

Typical Socks: Polka dot socks

Takako is an eternal gyaru girl. Tanned skin, bleached hair, flashy clothes and makeup. Some would say that she is violent, loud and menacing. She isn't a stranger to the bdsm scene and has got her own loyal sub called "Doormat".

Hobbies: Krav-maga, Roleplaying, Dancing

Most likely to: Become a Dominatrix for VIP.

Superpower: Laser Eyes.

  • Miss ZBZ 2019: Top 3