Bossy: 2

Bratty: 2

Friendly: 10

Smelly: 7

Sweaty: 3

Dirty: 2

Foot odor

Fishy: 10%

Cheesy: 15%

Lemony: 50%

Meaty: 25%

Name/Surname: Elisabeth Clarke

ZBZ Position: Secretary

Type: Chillax

Typical Shoewear: Loose Addidas Superstar

Typical Socks: Socks too large for her

Elisabeth is shy and clumsy but she's the smartest girl in the area. She smiles every morning when she wakes up. Probably the only true nice and innocent girl of ZBZ Crew. Her feet don't even stink much, she's an anomaly.

Hobbies:Chess, Cooking, Reading

Most likely to: Become a known Journalist.

Superpower: Telepathy.