Bossy: 4

Bratty: 8

Friendly: 4

Smelly: 9

Sweaty: 9

Dirty: 5

Foot odor

Fishy: 25%

Cheesy: 25%

Lemony: 25%

Meaty: 25%

Name/Surname: (Keisha) Kleo Turner

ZBZ Position: Vice President

Type: Stuck Up

Typical Shoewear: Nike Shoes

Typical Socks: Sport Socks

Kleo doesn't have time for anything. When people talk about perfection, she sighs because it's tiring to incarnate it. She posts pictures, of her perfect body doing yoga, on her blog. Her weakness is a Chanel bag.

Hobbies: Yoga, Social Media, Workout

Most likely to: Become a Top Model and Fashion Icon.

Superpower: Cryokinesis.