Bossy: 7

Bratty: 5

Friendly: 5

Smelly: 8

Sweaty: 6

Dirty: 5

Foot odor

Fishy: 5%

Cheesy: 40%

Lemony: 10%

Meaty: 45%

Name/Surname: Irina Kharchenko

  • Age: 18 y/o

  • Hair: Auburn

  • Eyes: Hazel

  • Height: 5'9"ft

  • Weight: 127lb

  • Blood Type: O

  • Shoe Size: 8(US)

ZBZ Position: Housing

Type: Tough Love

Typical Shoewear: Leather Boots/Heels

Typical Socks: Nylons or Tights

Irina has built a warm friendly wall around herself. Coming from a poor difficult family, she doesn't understand futile problems some can experience. She is bisexual, loves weapons and is ready to survive the apocalypse.

Hobbies: Hunting, Dancing, CrossFit

Most likely to: Work in the military sector.

Superpower: Super Soldier.