Bossy: 5

Bratty: 10

Friendly: 3

Smelly: 8

Sweaty: 11

Dirty: 3

Foot odor

Fishy: 10%

Cheesy: 10%

Lemony: 30%

Meaty: 50%

Name/Surname: Paige Vanderbilt

  • Age: 21 y/o

  • Hair: Blond

  • Eyes: Green

  • Height: 5'11"ft

  • Weight: 139lb

  • Blood Type: B

  • Shoe Size: 11(US)

ZBZ Position: President

Type: Stuck Up

Typical Shoewear: Ugg Boots

Typical Socks: Socks with Princess written on it

Paige got everything she wants from her rich Daddy. She considers herself as a royal Princess deserving to be admired by lowly peasants. She wears UGG boots and drinks starbucks coffees whilst listening to Taylor Swift.

Hobbies: Tennis, Shopping, Managing ZBZ

Most likely to: Become in charge of the bank of your bank.

Superpower: Gold Mimicry.

  • Miss ZBZ 2021: First

  • Miss ZBZ 2018: Top 3