Bossy: 7

Bratty: 11

Friendly: 2

Smelly: 9

Sweaty: 1

Dirty: 1

Foot odor

Fishy: 15%

Cheesy: 30%

Lemony: 40%

Meaty: 15%

Name/Surname: Jing Zhao

ZBZ Position: Event Planning

Type: Stuck Up

Typical Shoewear: Mary Jane Flats

Typical Socks: Clean Wool Socks

Jing's family is ultra rich, the 0.1%. She tries hard to be like any normal girl but it's really difficult to fit in when you are superior. Or maybe the other people are inferior and she is normal? She was raised to believe so.

Hobbies: Horse Riding, Spa, Shopping

Most likely to: Stay one of the world's richest women.

Superpowers: Hypnosis, Miracle Secretion.