Bossy: 5

Bratty: 1

Friendly: 6

Smelly: 10

Sweaty: 7

Dirty: 5

Foot odor

Fishy: 30%

Cheesy: 50%

Lemony: 10%

Meaty: 10%

Name/Surname: Avril Wolf

  • Age: 21 y/o

  • Hair: Brown

  • Eyes: Grey

  • Height: 5'7"ft

  • Weight: 138lb

  • Blood Type: O

  • Shoe Size: 9(US)

ZBZ Position: Ritual

Type: Chillax

Typical Shoewear: Heavy Goth Boots/Slip-Ons

Typical Socks: Stripped Socks

Avril is a goth girl that sometimes smells like weed. Add some dark magic around her and a collection of ex boyfriends. She is chill as long as you don't touch her sister, Angel, or her electric guitar.

Hobbies: Rocking, Partying, Smoking Weed

Most likely to: Become one of the biggest Rock Star of her generation. (and go to rehab)

Superpower: Mind Control.

  • Miss ZBZ 2022: Top 3

  • Miss ZBZ 2021: Top 3

  • Miss ZBZ 2020: First

  • Miss ZBZ 2019: First

  • Miss ZBZ 2018: First