Bossy: 6

Bratty: 1

Friendly: 1

Smelly: 11

Sweaty: 9

Dirty: 6

Foot odor

Fishy: 50%

Cheesy: 15%

Lemony: 15%

Meaty: 20%

Name/Surname: Samantha Pavlov

ZBZ Position: Membership

Type: Tough Love

Typical Shoewear: Sneakers

Typical Socks: White or Black Socks

Samantha is like a dog eating food. Don't f*cking touch her or she will bite you. She is a sporty tomboy with the most stinky pair of feet you have ever smelled. Only her doggie can approach her big feet. 

Hobbies: Softball, Basketball, Working out

Most likely to: Become a Professional Softball Player.

Superpower: Strong Mutation.